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Haruko Momoi


Date of birth:
December 14, 1977
Blood type:
O type
T-shirt collection
The favorite one:
Akihabara and female idols, animated cartoons, video games, computer net, and popular songs.

She is called the Queen of Akihabara.
It is a meaning of a god-sent child of the Akihabara culture.
She is a super-girl who perform a voice actress, words, composition, arrangement, a piano performance, a singer, radio personality, a columnist, anything.

She loves anime, video games and computer from a young age, and get into high school, she started to PC communications.
At that time, the diary that she had posted on the Internet pulled eyes of the magazine editor in chief. It comes to serialize the column to the magazine, and the request of writing and coverage comes to be going to come one after another before long.
Host of idol events and talk live “Halko No Himitsu (Halko’s secret)” to activities regularly.
She produced in 1997 “indie virtual mobidol” named “MOAI HALKO”.
And topics such as live performances on the streets of Akihabara guerrillas, will be covered in the media.
The voice cast of the animated television and radio, singing songwriting, and music and other activities offered.
In 2000, she made her debut as a singer with her single “Mail me” 2002 “Bisyoujo game song with Love!” and “Pursuit of ultimate moe song” are made slogan, and unit “UNDER17″ is formed., disbanded in 2004.
Final performances on tour in Yokohama Blitz have been legendary between anime and game song fan.
In 2005 “Wonder momo-i Live tour” was held in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka as maxisingle “Wonder momo-i New recording” hung, and it concluded quite successfully.
And in 2006, Three maxisingles and one album were announced as new “Halko Momoi”.
It obtained satisfactory results in the chart and sales.
A live tour of the summer, autmun and winter acted aggressively.
The regular animation, also active as a radio personality!
First book “AKIHABA LOVE”(Fusousha) was published in January 26, 2007.
And “HALKO UPDATE”(avex) as autobiography Drama DVD was released on the same day.
She participate in the most famous, large scale anime songs concert held in Japan in summer every year.
“Animelo Summer Live 2007- Generation-A-” (at Nippon Budokan)
“Animelo Summer Live 2008- Challenge-” (at Saitama Super Arena)
“Animelo Summer Live 2009-RE: BRIDGE-” (at Saitama Super Arena)
Invited overseas:
“Anime Expo 2007″(Long Beach, CA USA) in June 2007
“Connichi 2007″(Kassel Germany) in September 2007
“The 14th Annual Honolulu Festival”(Hawaii) in March 2008
“Anime North 2008″(Toronto Canada) in May 2008
“Connichi 2008″(Kassel Germany) in September 2008
“Dream Stage - angela & momoi - Live in Concert”(Taiwan) in September 2008
“The 15th Annual Honolulu Festival”(Hawaii) in March 2009
“FanimeCon 2009″(San Jose, CA USA) in May 2009
Now, double produce idol unit “Afiria Sa-Ga East” with Chiyomaru Shikura and the first production label “AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS” in oneself are started up, and the artist production is developing.

Career of voice actress

[TV animation]
“The Soul Taker” (as Komugi Nakahara)
“Nurse Witch Komugi” (as Komugi Nakahara / Magical Nurse Komugi)
“Final Fantasy Unlimited” (as Ai Hayakawa)
“Ai yori aoshi” (as Chika Minazuki)
“KUJIBIKI UNBALANCE” (as Shinobu Enomoto)
“D.C. Da capo” (as Utamaru)
“Choujuushin Gravion” (as Doria)
“Binzume Yousei ~Bottle Fairy~” (as Tama-chan)
“Popotan” (as Mii)
“Magikano” (as Marin Nijihara)
“Paranoia Agent” (as Maromi)
“Ragnarok The Animation” (as Maya)
“Ryusei Sentai Musumet” (as Kou Saotome)
“DearS” (as Cheena)
“Majokko Tsukune-chan” (as Tsukune)
“Camp Pikachu” (as Sonnano)
“Black Jack” (as Suzy)
“Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~” (as Mai Nonomiya)
“Seto no Hanayome” (as San Seto)
“CODE-E” (as Keiko Komatsuna)
“PRISM ARK” (as Filia)
“Mission-E” (as Keiko Komatsuna)
“Tales of the Abyss” (as Anise Tatlin)
“Yurumates” (as Yurume Aida)
[Special effects video movie]
“Kawaii! JeNny” (as Sister B)
[Video Games]
PS2 “Tails of the Abyss” (Anise Tatlin)
PS2 “Nurse Witch Komugichan Magikarte” (as Komugi Nakahara / Magical Nurse Komugi)
PS2 “Moekan ~Welcome to Moekko Island~』 (as Mikoto Moeno)
PS2 “DearS” (as Cheena)
PS2 “BALDR FORCE EXE” (as Bachella)
PS2 “D.C.P.S. Da capo ~plus situation~』 (as Utamaru)
and more…

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