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Co., Ltd. Light Gauge (the "Company") is to comply with laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information, make the handling of personal information in line with our stated privacy policy.

1. Definition of personal information And
"Personal Information" is information about individuals surviving, name included in the information which can identify a specific individual by birth date and other descriptions such, and the other information it can be easily collated, thereby refers to those that would be able to identify a specific individual.
2. Use of personal information
personal information collected from our customers, we will use for the following purposes.
  • a) to the customer, in order to perform the guidance of our various services, etc.
  • b) for carrying out the guidance on the artists of the activities and events
  • C) e-mail magazine, booklet, in order to carry out the provision of regular information by direct mail, etc.
  • d) usage and services that use our order to perform an investigation concerning the improvement of the service
  • e) such as inquiry reply, in order to perform the contact to the customer
    3. Provided to a third party
    personal information, we do not disclose or provide personal information to your otherwise noted without third party except in the case of the following.
    • a) If required by law, and if the country of the institution or person who has received the local government or the commission is required to cooperate with it to carry out the office established by the laws and regulations
    • b) human life, even if it is necessary for the protection of health or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
    • c) order to perform the various services of the "Use of Personal Information", if you want to deposit to subcontractors or partners
      4. Safety management of personal information Safety management of the personal information entrusted to us than
      Customers, illegal intrusion into personal data by performing the appropriate handling conforming to relevant laws and regulations, the loss of personal information, falsification, and strive to prevent danger of leakage, etc. .
      5. Correction of personal information, delete
      correction and deletion of personal information that was entrusted to us by our customers, please inform me from contact details below.
      8. Contact
      9. Change of privacy policy In the
      The Company, change of personal information to be collected, when you make a change of change, or other privacy policy of the purpose of use, it will be considered as published Omotte changes to this page.
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