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Haruko Momoi Official fan club

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Halko Momoi Official Fan Club “m.m.m.” participation method for overseas fans.

Let’s boost MOMOI’s activity with fans all around the world.

Privilege of membership
  • *Issue membership card (*MOMOI puts your name to the card.)
  • *Priority sales of live ticket (*At present, it is only a concert in Japan. )
  • *Holding a fan club event
  • *Participation in fan club tour (Ex. Japan,United States,Germany,Taiwan, etc.)
  • *Member limitation goods sales
  • *Online access to the members-only area
    … and all that.
Join the Halko Momoi Fan Club now!
[Membership Price]
TOTAL 6,500 yen (admission fee: 1,500 yen & annual fee: 5,000 yen)
Fan club membership is valid for 365 days from purchase.
*Renewal is here.
There are two kinds of payment methods.
# Payment using Paypal (The credit card can be used).
It is possible to use it all over the world.
Membership Price: 6,500 yen
# Payment using sending “International Postal Money Order to Japan”
Please ask the post office in your country whether it is possible to use it for Japan.
Membership Price: 6,500 yen
Our address
1-38-7-306, Akatsutsumi
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
ZIP code:156-0044
Right Gauge Inc. In both cases, after sending or paying membership fee (6,500 yen), give us an e-mail.
Our E-mail address
(Please change “#” into “@” and send mail.
I’m sorry, the purpose is a spam prevention.)
*We can support only English and Japanese. Please take care.
[E-mail Entry]
Mail Title: Join “m.m.m.” membership
Body: Full name
: Shipping address
: Zip-code
: E-mail address (*The e-mail address that can be registered is only one.)
: Remittance day

Member Registration is not completed when there is no mail after sending the admission. Please send an e-mail properly.

*Available period is one year.
*Because the delivery of the membership card becomes after the MOMOI person in question fills in the member name, it might take deliver about one month.
“Payment confirmation mail” is sent from the secretariat in getting payment and admission hope mail. There is a possibility that the admission hope mail has not reached the secretariat if our mail doesn’t reach you. Please transmit the admission hope mail again sorry to trouble you, but after confirming the address.
When there is no “Paypal account” or “Credit card” or “International Postal Money Order” in your country, you have any questions, please contact by e-mail.
(Please change “#” into “@” and send mail.
I’m sorry, the purpose is a spam prevention.)
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